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Mystical Orient Silver Amulet necklace with 18kt gold ball


You have a choice of the pendant with either a solid silver chain, a medium grey silk or a black wax cotton cord. Please select one or the other upon check-out.

This is part of the Mystical Orient collection.

Amulets are usually known to be an ornament or a small piece of jewellery thought to give protection against evil, danger or disease. I made this with strong thoughts of protection for our beautiful nature instead. 95% of the silver I use are reclaimed/conflict free silver, not freshly mined from our vulnerable earth sourced from a Paris foundry.

These pendants are hand-sawed and hand-stamped with vintage steel stamps onto a sheet of solid sterling silver of palms, elephant footprints, birds; sunbeam, waves and flowers!

Accented in the centre of the feature piece is a solid 18karat gold ball, giving it a little hint of color contrast.

These unique vintage steel stamps were found from different flea markets throughout Paris.

M e a s u r e m e n t s:
• The solid silver curb chain is by default of 17inches / 43cm long

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