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Keepsake Pebbles in Vermeil 18kt gold-plated studs


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These are asymmetrical designed studs in 'Vermeil' 18ct gold-plated studs. The base metal is of Sterling Solid Silver (argent massif).

Have you ever taken a pebble or broken bits of rocks from the beach? I know I have! This collection is an ode to those keepsake treasures.

Each piece is made separately from a natural form of wax formation into a pebble-like format. The weight of each piece is reminiscent of an indulgent sensation you get when you find a keeper stone at the beach to take home.

The forms are organic as they were individually molded by hand from wax before casting into silver. The pendant's pattern is simulated from an antique Victorian knife's engraving through an ancient process called 'lost-wax casting'. Each pattern on the stone will be different from another.

The impression has been finished with a satin brushed and burnished on its sides and protruding traces.

Approximate measurements:

• width: 7mm x 7.5mm deep.

• width: 0.65mm x 8.5mm deep.

NOTE Please make sure you check the measurements before ordering to avoid surprises.

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